Understanding Potential, Performance & People

Assessment Matters reduces the risk and uncertainty that is inherent in making decisions about people and their careers. We help organisations to succeed by making sure they have the right people doing the right things in the right jobs. We also work with individuals who are seeking career change or improvement, to help them identify their strengths and areas for development.

Assessment Matters uses best-of-breed psychometric tools and assessment techniques supported by in-depth feedback interviews to build a complete, objective, picture of everyone we see. Whether you’re hiring, reorganising, or trying to make the most of the people in your organisation (or your own career) our assessments will enable you to make important decisions with certainty. We support you further through focused executive coaching, individual, team and leadership development programmes.

We work throughout the UK, and internationally, with organisations of all sizes, in all sectors, as well as with many third-party HR and management consultants, coaches, trainers and recruiters. To learn more, click the boxes below, click the “Contact” button to the left of this screen, or call John Hamilton on 0141 416 2355 or 020 8123 4931.